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The Golden Sombrero’s Top 50 Prospects: #40 – Grant Green (Video)

#40 Grant Green – Oakland Athletics


DOB: 9-27-87

ETA: 2012

Grant Green’s value lies largely in his ability to stay at shortstop once he reaches the Major Leagues. After slashing .318/.363/.520 with 20 jacks and 65 hits for extra bases, Green was invited to the AFL, where he sucked.  Nevertheless, the dude rakes, and compared to the other shortstops in the Minors, has the only bat that should realistically be regarded as elite.  He even stole 9 bases.  With these offensive numbers in the high minors, why do we not have Green in the top 25 or even the top 10?  Because we aren’t convinced that he can stay at short, or even the infield, in the Bigs.  His defense is already very borderline for a shortstop in Double-A, and scouts seem skeptical that it can improve to the point where he can play replacement level defense in Oakland.  Our guess is that anything close will keep him at shortstop and in the middle of the Athletics’ order for at least a few years.

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