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Mike Lowell Redefines “The Ugly Finder” (Video)

In baseball, one of my all-time favorite expressions has always been, “the ugly finder.” When someone ripped a foul ball into the opposing team’s dugout, it was “the ugly finder;” an expression that is a true testament to both the hilariousness and competitiveness of baseball players.

During last Friday’s game against the Yankees, the Red Sox Mike Lowell redefined the term “ugly finder,” after receiving one of the worst hops that I have witnessed on a baseball field.

Playing first base, Lowell squared himself up to field a sharp, Curtis Granderson ground ball, only to have it hop up and catch him flush in the melon. Now, considering that his facial hair has always looked like it has been airbrushed on, and that he has ridiculously, bushy eyebrows(only rivaled by those of Tony Womack, of course), I think it’s safe to say that the “ugly finder” found what it was looking for.

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Don’t worry Mike, you’ll always just be one flowered, unbuttoned shirt away from a bartending gig in South Beach.

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