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Jose Bautista may be better, but not buffer than Brady Anderson (Video)

Last Thursday, Jose Bautista became the 27th player in Major League Baseball history to hit 50 or more home runs in a single season after belting a solo shot of Felix Hernandez in the bottom of the 1st inning.  However, Bautista wasn’t quite done breaking records.

The following day, Bautista launched two more home runs against the Mariners, bringing his season total to 52.  With that 52nd home run, Bautista set a new Major League record for the largest, single season increase in home runs in sequential years.

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Player Year Previous Season Home Run Increase

Jose Bautista                   2010                              13/52                                  +39

Davey Johnson                1973                                5/43                                  +38

Ryan Howard                   2006                              22/58                                  +36

Brady Anderson               1996                              16/50                                  +34

As you can see, rounding out the list is none other than Brady Anderson and here at The Golden Sombrero, we never pass on an opportunity to reference this photo of the former Orioles “slugger:”


  1. titney says:

    i would just like to again gloat about how i picked up bautista off of free agency and steve told me that i was a dummy for doing so.

  2. Braf says:

    Steve is such a stud. If I was a girl I sure would want to be his girlfriend.

  3. Mike Rosenbaum says:

    Yeah, that Steve. He’s dreamy.

  4. Mike Rosenbaum says:

    Who do you think can do more pull ups, Brady Anderson or Rob?