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Baseball bloggers weigh in on Jeter’s Gold Glove, Alexei Ramirez’s snub

Since the announcement that Derek Jeter won the American League Golden Glove Award at shortstop on Tuesday afternoon, Chicago White Sox fans, as well as most of the baseball blogging community, have explicitly expressed their outrage and disgust with the selection.

How is it possible that Jeter (-4.7 UZR) received the award over Alexei Ramirez (10.8 UZR) of the Chicago White Sox? To offer insight into this ghastly discrepancy, here is a compilation of the web’s best articles regarding yesterday’s disconcerting announcement:

A Nice Bit of Subtle Editorializing from [Can’t Stop the Bleeding]

Not Everyone Agrees With Derek Jeter Winning a Gold Glove [The Last Angry Fan]

Derek Jeter Wins Gold Glove – And Guess What? He Deserved It! [Past the Diving Jeter]

Derek Jeter now has more Gold Glove awards than all but four shortstops in baseball history [Hardball Talk]

Mark Buehrle Wins Gold Glove, Alexei Ramirez Doesn’t [White Sox Observer]

Errors beget errors, and so Alexei was robbed [Sox Machine]

A few weeks ago I suggested that Alexei was the likely candidate for the American League Silver Slugger at shortstop.  However, after the disturbing results of the Gold Glove award, I am not getting my hopes up.

Only time will tell if Jeter robs Alexei of another well-deserved award.

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