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Mark Buehrle discusses retirement after 2011 season

According to the Chicago Tribune’s Mark Gonzales, Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Mark Buehrle could be leaning towards retirement when his contract expires after the 2011 season.

“But when next year gets here and knowing you’re going to walking away from the game, knowing if I have something left or not, I have to hope that first of all, I’m healthy,” Buehrle said Wednesday. “And second, someone wants to sign me. Obviously, it’s a plus if that is. And obviously it’s going to be harder to make a decision.

“As I sit here now, I’d love to just go home and be with the family and kids and go from there. But when next year gets here, at this time, it could be a tough decision, knowing this is all you’ve known for 15 years of your life and constantly having to be somewhere, to go somewhere. And all of a sudden you have nothing to do. It’s going to be a tough decision.”

Only time will tell if Mark Buehrle suits up for the Chicago White Sox in 2012.  His remarks on Wednesday reflect great disappointment with both the outcome of White Sox current season, as well as his own performance.  Like teammate Paul Konerko, Buerhle’ s competitiveness and leadership have always been transparent; even in his worst of seasons, he has never withdrawn from the media, and has always assumed the responsibility for the entire team.

A lot will depend on the teams’ success in the 2011 campaign, considering that Buehrle’s 4-year/$56 mil contract concludes at the end of the season.  If Kenny Williams and the White Sox are sellers at the 2011 All-Star break, I am inclined to believe that Buehrle might prefer to retire with his pride than be traded or signed elsewhere.

However, I’m sure a trip to the postseason might persuade him otherwise.

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