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Is Aroldis Chapman the nastiest reliever in baseball?

Did Aroldis Chapman really hit 105 mph on the radar gun last Friday? Does it matter?  In his major league debut on Tuesday night, Chapman challenged all of his skeptics with a perfect, 1-2-3, 8th inning against the Milwaukee Brewers.

The first hitter that the 22 year-old Chapman faced was Jonathon LuCroy, whom he retired on 3 straight pitches: 98mph fastball, a filthy 86mph slider, 102 mph fastball, and then another untouchable 87 mph slider.

He then retired the next two hitters, Craig Counsell and Carlos Gomez, on weak groundouts that more than likely have their hands hurting today.

In total, Aroldis Chapman threw 4 pitches over 100 mph during his perfect inning on Tuesday night.  According to ESPN’s Jayson Stark, Chapman’s 103mph heater was the fastest pitch of 2010; the New York Mets’ Bobby Parnell held the previous fastest pitch at 102.5 mph.

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Chapman’s 103 mph, blazing fastball marked the highest velocity recorded by Pitch f/x since it was first implemented in 2007.

The previous record, as recorded by Pitch f/x, was held by Joel Zumaya with 102.7 mph, and right behind him is Jonathon Broxton with 102.6 mph.

With a fastball that consistently sits over 100 mph and a slider that will surely continue to baffle opposing hitters, is Aroldis Chapman the nastiest reliever in baseball?

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