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Reflecting on the Golden & Platinum Sombreros thus far

Even though Votto has not notched a sombrero, he sure looks good in that hat

After watching both Jason Heyward and Mark Teixeira fall victim to the Platinum Sombrero over the weekend, I thought it would only be appropriate to reflect on all of the golden and platinum sombrero performances this season.  Some of the names on the list may surprise you, most of them will not.  For those of you who may not have noticed, there is a scrolling ticker in the top, left-hand corner of the site that offers an up-to-date list of every player that has notched either a 4 or 5 strikeout game.  Regardless, here is the current, chronological list in an easy to read format, as well as a few notes about its constituents.

2010 Wearers of the Golden Sombrero:

Kyle Blanks 0-4, 4K vs. Diamondbacks (4/7/2010)

Troy Glaus 0-4, 4K vs. Cubs (4/7/2010)

Josh Hamilton 0-4, 4K vs. Blue Jays (4/7/2010)

Jason Heyward 0-5, 4K vs. Giants (4/9/2010)

Ryan Doumit 0-4, 4K vs. Diamondbacks (4/10/2010)

David Ortiz 0-4, 4K vs. Royals (4/11/2010)

Lyle Overbay 0-4, 4K vs. White Sox (4/15/2010)

Justin Upton 0-4, 4K vs. Cardinals (4/21/2010)

Nate McClouth 0-5, 4K vs. Mets (4/23/2010)

Michael Bourn 0-5, 4K vs. Reds (4/28/2010)

Jose Guillen 0-4, 4K vs. Rays (4/29/2010)

Chris Snyder 0-4, 4K vs. Cubs (5/1/2010)

Jorge Cantu 0-5, 4K vs. Marlins (5/4)

David Wright 0-4, 4K vs. Giants (5/9/2010)

Justin Morneau 0-4, 4K vs. Orioles (5/9/2010)

Josh Hamilton 0-4, 4K vs. Blue Jays (5/15/2010)

Nelson Cruz 0-4, 4K vs. Blue Jays (5/16/2010)

Will Venable 0-5, 4K vs. Mariners (5/21/2010)

Aramis Ramirez 0-5, 4K vs. Rangers (5/22/2010)

Adrian Gonzalez 0-4, 4K vs. Cardinals (5/25/2010)

Jose Guillen 0-4, 4K vs. Rangers (5/25/2010)

David Freese 1-6, 4K vs. Padres (5/26/2010)

Corey Patterson 0-5, 4K vs. Athletics (5/27/2010)

Jayson Werth 0-4, 4K vs. Marlins (5/30/2010)

Rickie Weeks 0-5, 4K vs. Marlins (6/1/2010)

Adam Lind 0-6, 4K vs. Yankees (6/5/2010)

Gabe Gross 0-4, 4K vs. Twins (6/5/2010)

2010 Wearers of the Platinum Sombrero:

Jason Heyward, 0-5, 5K vs. Dodgers (6/4/2010)

Mark Teixeira 0-6, 5K vs. Blue Jays (6/5/2010)

Notes & Observations:

– Out of the 26 different players on this list, only David Freese has managed to record a hit during his sombrero performance.

– There are 12 right handed hitters, 12 left handed hitters and 2 switch hitters on this list.

– The Blue Jays have issued 3 golden and 1 platinum sombreros.

– The Marlins have issues 3 golden sombreros.

– Of the 2 platinum sombreros, only Jason Heyward’s performance was within a 9 inning game – Teixeira’s performance came in a 14 inning game last Saturday.

– The only players to appear more than once are Hamilton, Heyward and Guillen, who have all done it twice.

– 11 of these hitters are in the MLB’s top 50 in strikeouts in the 2010 season.

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