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Poll: 2011 Minor League Player of the Year

The Sombrero’s No. 2 prospect: Mike Trout

Now that we have unveiled all of our Top 50 Prospects, we thought it would be interesting to see what all of our readers think.  Therefore, we are holding a pre-season poll to gauge everyone’s thoughts regarding the potential 2011 Minor League Player of the Year.  Now, you may look at this list and wonder why so many of baseball’s best prospects have been omitted.  Well, it was intentional.  We have structured our ballot to focus on the players who we believe will spend the majority of the season, if not the entire thing, in the minors.

Voting Rules:

– Each person is allowed two votes

– If you select ‘other’ as one of your choices, please mention the player in mind in the comments section below, and if willing, provide an explanation.

– All votes will be locked at the start of the 2011 MLB and MiLB seasons

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