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Sombrero Staff Prognostications: Griff’s 2011 Predictions

National League

West Division

1.     San Francisco Giants

2.     Colorado Rockies

3.     Los Angeles Dodgers

4.     Arizona Diamondbacks

5.     San Diego Padres

Central Division

1.     Milwaukee Brewers

2.     Cincinnati Reds

3.     St. Louis Cardinals

4.     Chicago Cubs

5.     Pittsburgh Pirates

6.     Houston Astros (tear drop)

East Division

1.     Atlanta Braves

2.     Philadelphia Phillies

3.     New York Mets

4.     Washington Nationals

5.     Florida Marlins

Wild Card Winner– Colorado Rockies


Milwaukee vs. Colorado- Milwaukee wins in 5

San Francisco vs. Atlanta- San Francisco wins in 4


San Francisco vs. Milwaukee- San Francisco wins in 6

Series MVP= Tim Lincecum

ROY (hitter)- Freddie Freeman

ROY (pitcher)- Aroldis Chapman

Reliever of the YearAroldis Chapman

Strikeout LeaderTim Lincecum

Cy Young WinnerTim Lincecum

Batting ChampAlbert Pujols

HR ChampPrince Fielder (50)

MVPTroy Tulowitzki

American League

West Division

1.     Texas Rangers

2.     Oakland Athletics

3.     Los Angeles Angels

4.     Seattle Mariners

Central Division

1.     Detroit Tigers

2.     Minnesota Twins

3.     Chicago White Sox

4.     Cleveland Indians

5.     Kansas City Royals

East Division

1.     Tampa Bay Rays

2.     Boston Red Sox

3.     Baltimore Orioles

4.     New York Yankees

5.     Toronto Blue Jays

Wild Card Winner– Boston Red Sox


Texas vs. Boston- Boston wins in 5

Tampa Bay vs. Detroit- Tampa Bay wins in 4


Tampa Bay vs. Boston- Tampa Bay wins in 7

Series MVP= Evan Longoria

ROY (hitter)- Mike Moustakas

ROY (pitcher)- Jeremy Hellickson

Reliever of the YearJoakim Soria

Strikeout LeaderJustin Verlander

Cy Young WinnerJustin Verlander

Batting ChampMiguel Cabrera

HR ChampAdrian Gonzalez

MVPAdrian Gonzalez

World Series

Tampa Bay vs. San Francisco- San Francisco wins in 7

MVPTim Lincecum


  1. Jerome S. says:

    Orioles over Yankees. What do you base this on, Buck Showalter’s magic?
    The Orioles will be lucky to see 80 wins. You know this. They have essentially no pitching, and an average offense.
    The Yankees lost only Pettitte in the offseason. That’s 3 WAR, downgrading them to 92 wins. Even in the most catastrophic scenario, the Yankees will at least have 85 wins. How you say the Orioles can beat the Yankees is confounding.

  2. Griffin says:

    Take a look at this article here. I believe it will sum up my reasoning. Also, take a look at the records of AL East teams since Buck took over.