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Sombrero Staff Prognostications: Ryan’s 2011 Predictions

1 – Boston Red Sox
2 – Tampa Bay Rays (Wild Card)
3 – New York Yankees
4 – Toronto Blue Jays
5 – Baltimore Orioles

1 – Chicago White Sox
2 – Minnesota Twins
3 – Detroit Tigers
4 – Kansas City Royals
5 – Cleveland Indians

1 – Texas Rangers
2 – Oakland Athletics
3 – Los Angeles Angels
4 – Seattle Mariners

1 – Atlanta Braves
2 – Philadelphia Phillies
3 – Florida Marlins
4 – New York Mets
5 – Washington Nationals

1 – St. Louis Cardinals
2 – Milwaukee Brewers (Wild card)
3 – Cincinnati Reds
4 – Chicago Cubs
5 – Houston Astros
6 – Pittsburgh Pirates

1 – Colorado Rockies
2 – San Francisco Giants
3 – Los Angeles Dodgers
4 – San Diego Padres
5 – Arizona Diamondbacks

Rays over Rangers in 5
Red Sox over White Sox in 4

Red Sox over Rays in 5 (MVP – Adrian Gonzalez)

Braves over Brewers in 4 (MVP – Dan Uggla)
Rockies over Cardinals in 5 (MVP – Troy Tulowitzki)

Braves over Rockies in 6 (MVP – Freddie Freeman)

World Series
Red Sox over Braves in 6 (MVP – Jon Lester)

NL Rookie of the Year

Hitter – Brandon Belt
Pitcher – Aroldis Chapman

AL Rookie of the Year

Hitter – Mike Moustakas
Pitcher – Jeremy Hellickson

Reliever of the Year
NL – Carlos Marmol
AL – Mariano Rivera

NL – Albert Pujols
AL – Miguel Cabrera

Cy Young
NL – Roy Halladay
AL – Jon Lester

NL Batting Champion
Albert Pujols
AL Batting ChampionMiguel Cabrera

NL HR LeaderAlbert Pujols
AL HR LeaderAdam Dunn

NL Strikeout LeaderTim Lincecum
AL Strikeout LeaderJon Lester


  1. Jerome S. says:

    How does this work? You really expect the Cardinals to take home the Central title?

    Let’s assume this is true. The NL Central really, really sucks, so they could probably do it with 86 wins.

    But the there is the Brewers, who you expect to take home the wildcard, with, let’s say, 82-88 wins.
    That beats the Phillies, apparently.
    I hate the Phillies, but you really underrate them. Their offense may be average, or even below average, but with that rotation 90 wins is still not only possible, but likely. And don’t discount the probability of a trade for a bat at the deadline.
    And then… White Sox? really?

  2. Harris says:

    I agree, not picking the Phillies as the NL Wild Card was an oversight. I was most likely blinded by my intense hatred for that team (and the fans). But I honestly believe the Cardinals can take the division because the division is, honestly, pretty damn weak. I’m also from St. Louis, so I went with my hometown team (forgive my homerism). And although Matt Holliday is out for about a week as of this moment, I think Colby Rasmus will continue to develop so long as La Russa makes the right decision and doesn’t platoon him with Craig/Jay. Maybe La Russa wasn’t paying attention, but Rasmus showed in 2010 that he can hit lefties. Rasmus/Pujols/Holliday looks good to me.