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Thoughts and Reflections: Greinke trade, Brewers rotation, Royals farm, Wood, LaRoche and more…

  • With the acquisition of Greinke, the Brewers have made it clear that the 2011 season will be do or die, especially with Prince Fielder’s looming free agency prior to 2012.  If they aren’t having the season that they expected by the All-Star break, it wouldn’t surprise me to see both Fielder and Greinke be dealt, respectively.  The 2009 A.L. Cy Young winner is set to join a Brewers’ rotation that includes Yovani Gallardo, Chris Narveson, and the recently acquired Shaun Marcum.

  • The Royals add even more young talent to a rich farm system that already includes Mike Montgomery, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, and Will Myers.  Although they are trading away their ace, the Royals continue to fill the holes within their system and should be an incredibly exciting team in a few years.  I’m still rooting for Alex Gordon, if you’re curious.  I’m actually excited to see the White Sox play them this year, which is something that I haven’t said since, well…ever.
  • I honestly think that Royals got the better end of the deal, if only for the fact that they were able to ditch Yuniesky Betancourt.  That guy is ridiculously lazy and an absolute nightmare- I’m sorry, Brewers’ fans, but it’s true.  The guy makes my insides hurt worse than a night of stiff drinks followed by six, Jack-in-the-Box tacos at 3 a.m.  They need to seriously consider designating him for assignment and finding a cheap alternative, such as Edgar Renteria.  If they were also expecting to trade Alcides Escobar, perhaps it might have been worth their while to have explored a trade for Brendan Ryan?
  • When I heard the rumor that the Florida Marlins might be interested in trading Ricky Nolasco, my first thought was that the Brewers might be a good fit.  And now after seeing the quality of talent that the Brew Crew gave up for Greinke, I wonder if this would have been a wiser move.  When we had Nolasco’s agent, Matt Sosnick, on The Baseball Show, he stated that he was hopeful that the Marlins and his client could work out an extension this off-season.  If it seems increasingly unlikely, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea for the Marlins to trade him while his value is high.
  • As a baseball fan, the thought of Kerry Wood returning to the team and city that never stopped loving him is pretty heartwarming.  The first time that Wood is called in to the game, or even stirs a bit in the ‘pen, will undoubtedly bring the crazed fans at the Friendly Confines to their feet.  His signing also gives the Cubs the freedom to shift Andrew Cashner to the rotation, where he had spent most of his minor league career.
  • Apparently the Baltimore Orioles are close to a deal with first baseman Adam LaRoche that will pay him $16 to $18 million over three years.  If this deal does take place, Baltimore will inevitably rival the Diamondbacks for the overall, team strikeout total.  Regardless, the Orioles are paying a bit too much for a guy who looks like Bert.
  • Speaking of strikeout-prone first basemen, the Colorado Rockies signed Mike Jacobs to minor league deal; he will now be making $14K per month unless he reaches the majors.  Jacobs continues to stay afloat in baseball despite his refusal to make any adjustments.  Sure, he can murder the baseball(when he hits it), but the guy is still unfamiliar with the merits of a quality at-bat.  And please, someone tell him that he looks like an ass.
  • The San Diego Padres have added a pretty nice double-play combo in Orlando Hudson and Jason Bartlett.  It seems that every time Hudson is a free agent, he is always one of the best, if not the best, second basemen on the market…or at least he gets paid like it.  No disrespect to the O-Dawg, but the guy can’t stay healthy, not to mention he just turned 33 this month.  Still, not bad for a guy who was drafted in the 43rd round, 1280th overall, in the 1997 draft.

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