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The Baseball Show: MLB Agent Matt Sosnick

Tonight on The Baseball Show, Clint[Diamond Hoggers] and I welcomed Matt Sosnick from Sosnick & Cobbe Sports Agency.

We discussed a little bit of everything including the rise and fall of Dontrelle Willis, sports agency as a profession, Matt’s experiences in Major League Baseball, stories about his clients, Josh Willingham and Ricky Nolasco’s off-season contract negotiations, why Adam Dunn can’t find a permanent home, and a lot of interesting stuff in between.

We also spent a solid portion of the show discussing Jay Bruce and what the future holds for the 23-year old outfielder. If you are familiar with our program, then you know that Clint is a die-hard Reds fan, as well as Jay Bruce’s biggest fan.  Matt was kind enough to offer some insight into the possibility of a long-term contract for his client.

You can read all about it and much more on Jay Bruce over at Diamond Hoggers

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