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Jeff Francoeur Is Even Worthless on eBay

Over the last few seasons, I have learned that the baseball world is perpetually invested in the demise of Jeff Francoeur.  Even those who root for him as a member of their favorite team think that the guy is an arrogant bum.  I’ll admit it; I liked the guy when he first came up with the Braves.  I didn’t exactly think he was the greatest thing ever — or as Sports Illustrated claimed, “The Natural” — but I believed that the guy had a lot of potential.

Last night, as I was killing time by scouring eBay for various baseball rookie cards(yes, I’m 25-years old, shut up), I stumbled upon one of Jeff Francoeur.  Now, on eBay, nearly every baseball rookie card will eventually sell, even if it is eventually at a reduced price.  Over the years, the depreciation and gross production of baseball cards has made many of the cards people once dreamed about buying, a possibility.  Hell, even Jose Canseco’s rookie cards get a few bids and eventually find a new home.

That’s probably why I laughed my ass off when I saw that Jeff Francoeur’s 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft rookie card was being sold for $7.99($11.94 with the $3.95 shipping and handling fee).  You don’t need to be a baseball card expert to know that the card is not worth $7.99, or anything remotely close to that.  I subsequently added it to my “watch” list, just to see if there would be any last minute bidders…

Now, I’ve concluded that this seller could be one of two people: Jeff Francoeur’s biggest fan who is unable to part with his prized possession, or Frenchy himself, trying to generate a hype in the always-volatile “Jeff Francoeur Rookie Card” market.

Anyway, I decided to do a little more digging and found someone with a grip on reality, selling Francoeur’s 2005 Bowman Chrome Refractor rookie card for $0.99($2.98 with shipping and handling).  I wonder if this seller had any success…

Yeah, I thought so.

Francoeur’s Commercial Fail:

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