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Jason Heyward Rookie Selling on Ebay for $13,000

Ok, so it’s not exactly $13,000; it’s actually $12,999.99.  You know, so it doesn’t feel like you are actually dropping $13K on a baseball card.  Whether it is actually worth that exact amount or not, there is no denying that the 2008 Bowman Chrome Jason Heyward Superfractor Auto RC is one of those cards that collectors will pay any price for.  It is the rarest rookie card – autographed nonetheless – of the Braves rookie outfielder, and it is the only one like it.  That’s right, it’s a 1 of 1.

You might remember the story about Stephen Strasburg’s 2010 Bowman Chrome Superfractor RC that took eBay by storm in May and ultimately sold for nearly $17,000.  What made that card so incredibly rare and valuable is the fact that pulling a Superfractor in a pack of 2010 Bowman Chrome is 1:47,000. A Superfractor can be any Bowman Chrome card, so considering that the Heyward one is also an autographed rookie, it makes it even more rare.

So if you are bored on this fine Saturday afternoon, and have a little extra spending cash after hitting all of your college football picks this morning, then why not place a bid on one of the hottest rookie cards of all-time.

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