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Prospect Buzz: Jesus Montero, Mike Trout, Strasburg, Harper, Friedrich, and more…

  • Jesus Montero has been training with Joe Girardi and Tony Pena at the Yankees’ Spring Training complex since the end of January, and has apparently shed a few pounds in the process.  Although 28-year-old Russell Martin will likely serve as the Yankees’ primary catcher, Montero will have a shot to win the back up role during Spring Training.  Sliding Into Home dissects some comments made this week by the confident 21-year-old, who is preparing to make a strong impression in the coming weeks.
  • It should come as no surprise that the Los Angeles Angels are planning to take their sweet-ass time grooming their prized-prospect, Mike Trout.  This week, Angels GM Tony Reagins announced that the 19-year-old outfielder will begin the season in Double-A, and that it’s “unlikely” we will see him in the Major Leagues until 2012.  This offseason, Trout was crowned baseball’s top prospect headed into the 2011 season, ahead of the immaculate Bryce Harper.


The Baseball Show: Damon & Manny, Vernon Wells, KC Royals, Owings, Harper, Trout and more…

Today on The Baseball Show, co-host Clint Evans of Diamond Hoggers and I discuss recent trades and headlines across baseball, and even seamlessly weave in a Brooks Kieschnick reference.  The Mike Napoli trade gives us a reason to remember Frank Francisco hurling a chair into a dude’s face at the Oakland Coliseum.  I guess a picture really does say a thousand words in certain situations. You know, those situations when you’re a Major League bullpen pitcher and a fight (with fans) breaks out, calms down, and you decide to start tossing chairs at helpless spectators. More relevant topics discussed on today’s show:


Around The League: Lincecum’s SI cover, Manny Ramirez, Yunel Escobar, J.R. Richard and more…

  • Baseball fans loved Tim Lincecum’s suit and bowtie look so much that Sports Illustrated thought that it would make the perfect cover to cap the year.  Lincecum has now graced the cover of SI twice in recent years, both of which are among my favorites.
  • Apparently the New York Yankees do not have any interest in signing Manny Ramirez.  As Spring Training rolls around, Ramirez, who really hasn’t been the same player since returning from suspension for PEDs, will surely receive some consideration from American League teams.  However, as someone who is represented by Scott Boras and also accustomed to receiving gigantic contracts, I wonder whether Ramirez will be on a Major League roster to start the 2011 season.  Could Man-Ram be the next Jermaine Dye?


Jason Heyward Rookie Selling on Ebay for $13,000

Ok, so it’s not exactly $13,000; it’s actually $12,999.99.  You know, so it doesn’t feel like you are actually dropping $13K on a baseball card.  Whether it is actually worth that exact amount or not, there is no denying that the 2008 Bowman Chrome Jason Heyward Superfractor Auto RC is one of those cards that collectors will pay any price for.  It is the rarest rookie card – autographed nonetheless – of the Braves rookie outfielder, and it is the only one like it.  That’s right, it’s a 1 of 1.

You might remember the story about Stephen Strasburg’s 2010 Bowman Chrome Superfractor RC that took eBay by storm in May and ultimately sold for nearly $17,000.  What made that card so incredibly rare and valuable is the fact that pulling a Superfractor in a pack of 2010 Bowman Chrome is 1:47,000. A Superfractor can be any Bowman Chrome card, so considering that the Heyward one is also an autographed rookie, it makes it even more rare.

So if you are bored on this fine Saturday afternoon, and have a little extra spending cash after hitting all of your college football picks this morning, then why not place a bid on one of the hottest rookie cards of all-time.

Bryce Harper Makes Nationals Park Look Like South Williamsport

On Thursday evening, the Washington Nationals held a press conference to show off introduce their 1st overall draft pick of 2010, Bryce Harper.  Nearly a week and half ago, the Nationals and Harper came to terms on a 5-year, $9.9 million contract- not a bad payday for a 17 year-old.  At the press conference, the young Harper donned a Washington Nationals cap and jersey for the first time, choosing #34 as a unique homage to his favorite baseball player, Mickey Mantle.  Why 34 you ask?  3+4=7.

Absent from the press conference was the 4lbs. of eye black on Harper’s face, however in it’s place was 6lbs. of hair gel used to sculpt a stylish mohawk.  It was a crime that they forced him to put on a Nationals’ cap over such a finely crafted ‘do, however I can sympathize with the general fear of being impaled by those stalagmites on Harper’s head.

When asked about the mohawk Harper chuckled before stating, ”My sister is a beautician, so she tries different things on me. The ladies like it.”

It is only a matter of time until Bryce learns that while the chicks may like his mohawk, they dig the long ball even more.