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Golden Sombrero: J.D. Drew

Bottom 2: J.D. Drew grounded out to second base against Trevor Cahill

Bottom 5: Drew singled to right against Cahill

Bottom 7: Drew struck out swinging against Cahill

Bottom 9: Drew struck out swinging against Brian Fuentes

Bottom 11: Drew struck out swinging against Andrew Bailey

Bottom 13: Drew called out on strikes against Michael Wuertz

Bottom 14: Drew singled to center and drove in game-winning run against Guillermo Moscoso

Final Line: 2-for-7, 2 RBI, 4 K

Notes: I somehow overlooked this one even though it happened in the same game as Landon Powell’s, which I recapped earlier in the week.  Anyway, after putting the bat on the ball in his first two at-bats, Drew notched a sombrero in his next four at-bats.  However, the former 30/30 collegiate standout was just saving his old-man-strength for the 14th inning, when he came through with a walk-off single.

Total 2011 Sombreros: 38

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