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Golden Sombrero: Landon Powell

Top 2: Landon Powell struck out swinging on a foul tip against Josh Beckett

Top 5: Powell lined out to center against Beckett

Top 7: Powell singled to right field against Matt Albers

Top 9: Powell struck out swinging against Jonathan Papelbon

Top 10: Powell called out on strikes against Bobby Jenks

Top 12: Powell called out on strikes against Alfredo Aceves

Top 14: Powell grounded out to second against Aceves

Final Line: 1-for-7, 4 K, 6 LOB

Notes: My apologies on the brief hiatus from sombrero tracking. I was in Springfield for the Missouri high school baseball finals and following the draft like a mad man upon returning.  Anyway, back to Powell’s sombrero.  It was unfortunate that the game lasted 14 innings on Saturday night, because three of his four strikeouts came in the ninth inning or later.  To his credit, he did manage to mix in a knock and ground out a few times to avoid one of the platinum variety.  But then again, he was the only batter retired by a fiery Johnathan Papelbon, who was ultimately tossed for acting like an idiot.

Total 2011 Sombreros: 36

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