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Trade Bait: Volume 1, Issue 3 (McCutchen, CarGo, Alexei, Vlad, Roberts and Bay)

Wow, what a week.  We had two no-hitters and a few pitchers come up just short of a no-hitter.  We also saw a couple streaks come to an end.  Unfortunately, Andre Ethier was not able to record a hit for a 31st consecutive game, and Joey Votto’s streak of reaching base safely ended at 33 games.  Thankfully, both of these guys are on my team and helping me hold strong amongst the leaders in the Denslow Cup.  These guys are obviously finding themselves at the top of the charts in fantasy leagues across the globe.  Let’s take a look today at some names that were expected to be big producers, but are nowhere to be found.  Right now is a great time to turn one owner’s regrets into your own small fortune.

Again, I have no new trades to report in the Denslow Cup.  One owner is searching for saves and looking to deal SP to get them.  However, he did this via the Samurai Board (our message board).  He has rejected every trade thrown his way and at least in dealing with me has never even tried to negotiate anything.  This brings me to a point I want to make about trading: don’t just throw up your trade wants on the league message board.  Just looking at the standings and scoring will give owners an idea of what you need or don’t need.  Also, if you do not like a trade, reply with an email about what specifically you don’t like about the proposal.  It is never helpful to just say, “Nope.  This trade sucks.”  It really makes it easier for you and other owners to find out just where you stand on different pieces in different trades.  Now, on to guys I’m getting and getting rid of.

Guys I’m Getting:

Andrew McCutchen:

What a let down he’s been.  The 10th OF off the board as the 37th pick overall, it is obvious that guys that took him had high expectations.  So far all they have to show for it is a .228 average, five stolen bases, and an OPS of just .726.  With a BABIP that sits nearly 60 points below his career average and a walk rate at a career high, you can be sure that this trend will not continue.  His contact rate sits just under 87%, the best of his career.  McCutchen is just too good of a player.  Get him now while the price is right.

Carlos Gonzalez:

Was last year really a fluke?  No.  Sure he might not be able to hit for that average again, but where did all his power go?  I can’t answer that question exactly, but I can tell you this.  He is walking more than ever before.  He is striking out less than ever before.  The guy has never had an Isolated Power less than .240 since reaching Triple-A.  Everyone loves to hit in Denver.  Cargo has always been a better second half player.  Hitting for almost 30 points more in average, and 100 more points in slugging percentage.  The time is right to get this 1st round talent for much, much cheaper.

Alexei Ramirez:

The guy has always been a slow starter in April and May.  Look at these numbers: BA sits around .240-.250 on average, SLG is about .350 for those months, on average.  Now look at his slash line for June and July.  June: .305/.347/.474  July:  .331/.362/.498.  The difference there is remarkable.  If you have Alexei and have weathered the storm, hold on to him.  If you are in the market for a SS this is a guy to go get.

Guys I’m Getting Rid Of

Vladimir Guerrero:

The dude is old.  He has had a decreasing walk rate since 2007, which now sits at an all time low of a putrid 3%.  This is not helped by the fact that he is still striking out in 12% of his at-bats.  His power has been on the decline since 2004.  It has dropped steadily each year except for his resurgence last year in Arlington’s hitter friendly ballpark.  Not to mention his ISO power sits at an all-time low.  Match those numbers up with the fact that he is hitting more ground balls and fewer line drives and see that it is time to cut ties with Vlad.

Ryan Roberts:

Homeboy is playing so far above his head right now that it is time to capitalize if you are a Ryan Roberts owner.  Here are his career slash stats: .258/.344/.414.  Consider that his slash stats thus far are .287/.392/.529.  See the difference?  Also make note of the fact that in June Roberts is a career .109 hitter.  In July it gets better, but still he is just a .242 career hitter.  Get what you can for Ryan Roberts and sell, sell, sell while his value is at an all time high.

Jason Bay:

I will be blunt…I do not think Jason Bay will ever be what he once was.  This year he is striking out almost 32% of the time he goes to the plate.  His BABIP is actually above league average and he is still only hitting .241.  He is hitting fewer line drives and fly balls than earlier in his career, despite the fact that his plate discipline is a good or better than it was in 2007-2009.  It is a sad truth to realize, since I know so many people had high hopes for Bay when he was finally freed from the one-time dungeon known as the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Goodbye, Jason Bay.  I am getting rid of you.

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  1. Pooru says:

    I love to hear such things about Alexei. I couldn’t take the early season slump of Gordie, but I stuck with Alexei because he’s a SS and there’s no other decent ones available (I still haven’t figured out this whole “trade” phenomenon. I really haven’t been paying attention to him the past week or two, but I’m hoping when June/July rolls around, he’ll be worth the wait.