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The Baseball Show welcomes Jason Rosenberg from IIATMS, ESPN SweetSpot

Today on The Baseball Show, co-host Clint Evans from Diamond Hoggers and I welcome Jason Rosenberg from It’s About The Money, Stupid. IIATMS is the New York Yankees SweetSpot network blog on ESPN. A huge thanks for Jason to being on the show–and as he mentions about former guest Matt Sosnick–we would also say that Jason is one of the best guys in baseball writing.

Topics discussed included:

  • How he got started blogging about baseball
  • He talks about our friend Matt Sosnick, MLB Agent
  • His induction into the SweetSpot network & relationship with Rob Neyer
  • Speculation about the next head editor of SweetSpot at ESPN
  • We are joined by a renegade intruder, only for a moment though!
  • Jason says The Extra 2% is a must-read book.
  • Hardcore New York Yankees talk
  • The Tampa Bay Rays possibilities of winning in the AL Central
  • What does the future hold for the catching position (Francisco Cervelli, Russell Martin, Gary Sanchez, Jesus Montero, and Austin Romine), as well as Joba Chamberlain
  • Have Yankee fans and Alex Rodriguez mended their relationship?
  • Curtis Granderson talk, and how will Andruw Jones fare as the fourth outfielder?
  • Thoughts on Derek Jeter’s contract extension
  • Much more!

A huge thanks to Jason for being part of the show. Check out IIATMS anytime you want  to read about the Yankees. Find him on Facebook or follow him on twitter. And as all baseball fans know, the Yankees are always relevant.

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  1. TyRone says:

    I’m really interested to hear how the Rays will win the AL Central.