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Around The League: Alfredo Simon, David Wright, 2011 Rotations, Cincinnati Reds, and more…

  • In case you have been suffering from an ongoing, post-New Years delirium, Alfredo Simon is the main suspect in a murder case in the Dominican Republic.  It appears that he will be tried for manslaughter after firing a shot that both killed his cousin and wounded his brother (I know, wow).  There are two different stories that have surfaced: Simon fired a celebratory New Year’s Eve shot in the air that somehow inflicted the before mentioned damage; he fired a warning shot to disrupt an argument between two women.  Apparently the “magic” bullet that Simon fired struck his brother in the arm before lodging in the chest of his now deceased cousin.  By no means am I an expert in ballistics, but something sounds fishy about how this all went down.  If only we had some Zapruder-esque footage to fuel our suspicions.
  • We have also come to learn that both Miguel Tejada and Julio Lugo – fellow Dominicans – have offered to pay for Simon’s legal fees, which will surely be enormous if he intends to fight the case in court.  If Simon is indeed charged with manslaughter, he will face up to 30-years in prison and will more than likely serve as the set up man for Ugeth Urbina on the Latin American Correctional Team.
  • On The Black, a blog dedicated to the New York Mets, posted a video of David Wright that features the third baseman discussing what it is like to play for the team that he grew up rooting for.  He also touches on why he loves baseball and offers a quote that I really like, “Every game is like Saturday morning Little League, going out there and playing with your friends.”

  • The Cincinnati Reds appear to be interested in Edgar Renteria, Scott Podsednik, and now, Fred Lewis.  Out of these three options, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Lewis has the most value to the organization.  He showed signs of life in 2010 with the Toronto Blue Jays when he hit .262 with 31 doubles, eight home runs, and 17 stolen bases in 428 at-bats.  He provides a more elite combination of power and speed than the waning Podsednik, and can play all three outfield positions.  He would at least serve as a solid platoon option in left field with Jonny Gomes.  I’m curious as to what Diamond Hoggers thinks about all this…
  • The White Sox Observer weighs in on the potential role of Mark Teahen, a player who has very little value to the White Sox organization and is currently being over paid.  And although the South Siders are more than likely tapped out in terms of spending, they still seem determined to add a reputable arm – ideally right handed – to their depleted bullpen.  Will Kenny Williams trade Teahen for a reliever? Or is it worth it to just hang on to him?


  1. Aaron S. says:

    Thanks for the link to my look at how the projected 2011 rotations stack up against one another based on their 2010 statistics. Much appreciated!

  2. Clint says:

    I think of the three, Lewis probably helps us most. But I hear we’re close on Jeremy Hermida which makes no sense because the outfielder should be a guy who can hit lead off. Renteria I initially wanted to get done. He’s probably a more expensive, less durable option than Orlando Cabrera at this point after I thought about it. If I’m the Reds I roll with Laynce Nix again to be my LH OF off the bench, let Hermida sit at home, and bring in Posednik or Lewis and hope they can help out if Drew Stubbs doesn’t end up being a fit at lead off.