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Around The League: Adam Dunn’s arrival, Ron Santo’s legacy, Milledge non-tendered, and more…

  • As a Chicago White Sox fan, I am still in total shock over the signing of Adam Dunn, as well as the re-signing of A.J. Pierzynski.  What makes the news even better is the fact that they both accepted back loaded contracts so that the organization may still potentially re-sign Paul Konerko.  Furthermore, it appears that Kenny Williams and the White Sox are finally shaking up the bullpen after non-tendering Bobby Jenks and trading Scott Linebrink. [Scott Merkin]
  • The baseball world lost a true legend this week, as Ron Santo passed away at 70-years of age.  His lasting impact on the game, the Chicago Cubs organization, and city of Chicago goes above and beyond anything that you will read in a newspaper or on a blog.  Ron Santo will forever be at the heart of Chicago Cubs baseball and he will be sorely missed.  Thanks for all the great memories, Ronnie. [New York Times]  *Be sure to also read ‘Pat Hughes reflects on 15 years with Santo,’ which was published in the Chicago Tribute.


  • I’m still bitter that I missed the rare opportunity to hear Bob Costas, Joe Posnanski, Bill James, Gerald Early, and Michael MacCambridge speak at the “Future of Sports” panel, hosted by Washington University on Nov. 29.  I would have made it had my connecting flight through Atlanta not been canceled due to a power outage in a major terminal.  How convenient.  Luckily, footage from the event can be found on YouTube, as well as some thought-provoking analysis. [C70 At The Bat]
  • In 2010, the Los Angeles Dodgers seemed to always make the headlines for all the wrong reasons.  However, there was one exciting story: John Lindsey.  After 16-years in the Minor Leagues, Lindsey was called up by the Dodgers in September and ultimately collected his first Big League knock.  Are there any other life-long Minor Leaguers just like Lindsey. [The Sports Bank]
  • There were several noteworthy players that became free agents on Thursday afternoon after they were non-tendered by their respective organizations.  Lastings Milledge, who was once a top-prospect of the New York Mets, was non-tendered by the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Like Nyjer Morgan and Milton Bradley, Milledge’s reputation will continue to precede him unless there is a miraculous, overnight transformation. [Seamheads]
  • With Cameron Maybin out of the picture, the Florida Marlins have stated that their 2009 N.L. Rookie of the Year, Chris Coghlan, will replace him in center field.  However, this plan is contingent on the health of his knee, which was injured in a post-game, pie-to-the-face celebration, and required season-ending surgery.  I’m not sure why the Marlins are so concerned about Coghlan’s knee; his performance in left field hardly indicates a switch to center is a logical decision. [Marlin Maniac]

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