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The Baseball Show: Damon & Manny, Vernon Wells, KC Royals, Owings, Harper, Trout and more…

Today on The Baseball Show, co-host Clint Evans of Diamond Hoggers and I discuss recent trades and headlines across baseball, and even seamlessly weave in a Brooks Kieschnick reference.  The Mike Napoli trade gives us a reason to remember Frank Francisco hurling a chair into a dude’s face at the Oakland Coliseum.  I guess a picture really does say a thousand words in certain situations. You know, those situations when you’re a Major League bullpen pitcher and a fight (with fans) breaks out, calms down, and you decide to start tossing chairs at helpless spectators. More relevant topics discussed on today’s show:


The Baseball Show: Hall of Fame, Garza, Bryce Harper, Reds and White Sox

On Wednesday night, co-host Clint Evans from Diamond Hoggers and I were back at it with 2011’s first episode of The Baseball Show.

Topics include:

  • We talk about the man (kind of), the myth, the legend…Bryce Harper.  Could we see Harper in D.C. in 2011? Probably not, but we entertain the idea and suggest several hypothetical scenarios.
  • Who was the winner in the Matt Garza trade? We explore his concerning 2010 performance as well as assess the slew of prospects that were shipped off by the Cubs.


The Baseball Show: The Virtures of Juan Pierre

Tonight on The Baseball Show co-host Clint Evans of Diamond Hoggers and I discuss the following:

-Which is strikes more fear in the hearts of the fans? The Boston Red Sox lineup or the Philadelphia Phillies starting rotation?

-Reactions to the Cliff Lee signing

-Is Kerry Wood heading back to Chicago?

Mark Prior and Russell Martin sign with the Yankees

-Did you know Moises Alou used to pee on his hands?

Juan Pierre, aka “The Bat Boy” gets some special attention

The Baseball Show: Saturday Morning Hot Stove

This morning on The Baseball Show, Clint Evans of Diamond Hoggers and I discussed the following:

Carl Crawford to the Red Sox. Ramifications of having too many starting outfielders?
Jay Bruce‘s contract extension
Mark Reynolds to the Orioles–is this the beginning of the end?
Carlos Pena to the Cubs
– Possible landing spots for Derrek Lee
– I talk about my work on Prep Baseball Report
– As always, much more!

The Baseball Show: Please Don’t Trade Gordon Beckham

Tonight on The Baseball Show, co-host Clint Evans of Diamond Hoggers and I have a relatively short show. As always, we bring the solid and hardcore baseball talk for your enjoyment.

Topics of discussion:
Jayson Werth‘s new contract
-Thoughts on Cliff Lee
-My thoughts on the White Sox offering Gordon Beckham for Adrian Gonzalez
-Reaction to the Prince Fielder rumors
-Who is the safest man in baseball (in terms of being traded)?
-Have we seen the last of Garry Sheffield and Manny Ramirez?