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Sombrero Staff Prognostications: Justin’s 2011 Predictions

AL East:

Boston Red Sox

New York Yankees (Wild Card)

Tampa Bay Rays

Toronto Blue Jays

Baltimore Orioles

AL Central:

Chicago White Sox

Minnesota Twins

Detroit Tigers

Cleveland Indians

Kansas City Royals

AL West:

Texas Rangers

Oakland A’s

Los Angeles Angels

Seattle Mariners


Red Sox def. Rangers in 5

White Sox def. Yankees in 4

Red Sox def. White Sox in 5 (MVP: Carl Crawford)


The Baseball Show: The Virtures of Juan Pierre

Tonight on The Baseball Show co-host Clint Evans of Diamond Hoggers and I discuss the following:

-Which is strikes more fear in the hearts of the fans? The Boston Red Sox lineup or the Philadelphia Phillies starting rotation?

-Reactions to the Cliff Lee signing

-Is Kerry Wood heading back to Chicago?

Mark Prior and Russell Martin sign with the Yankees

-Did you know Moises Alou used to pee on his hands?

Juan Pierre, aka “The Bat Boy” gets some special attention

A Petition to the Philadelphia Phillies

Let me start by saying congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies for sneaking out of the bushes and assaulting the hopes and dreams of not one, but two franchises. My condolences to the Rangers, but nothing fills me with the Christmas spirit quite like seeing the Yankees fail. With that said, I’d like speak directly to the Phillies. Excuse me, dear reader, while I make a plea.

Dear Phillies,

Wow, Cliff Lee. Nice job. That means you’ve got the reigning NL Cy Young Award winner (Roy Halladay), a career 150-83 pitcher (Roy Oswalt), the ’08 NLCS and WS MVP (Cole Hamels), and now a man who had a 10.28 K/BB ratio last year (Lee). However, all that talent comes at a price. Those four alone will be raking in over 55 million dollars of your money next year (I think. My math is awful). But I have a cost-cutting solution that will benefit both of us…


Cliff Lee: Destroying A Legacy? Doubtful.

After hearing about Cliff Lee duping the entire world, forgoing destinations like Texas and New York and returning back to Philadelphia, I can’t help but find the similarities between this free agent signing and Lebron James.  I’m not trying to say that Lee pulled something like “The Decision.”  I am trying to say that what Lee did was find some running mates to help get him to the top.  Most people seem to think that this is the route traveled by spineless men.  Some of the most popular condemnations I have heard of LeBron center around the idea that he couldn’t get it done on his own.  That he was afraid of taking on the challenge by himself.  This is absurd.  Any smart person, be it a professional athlete or a successful business leader, knows that to reach the highest levels of success, they must surround themselves with the best team.


The Baseball Show: Please Don’t Trade Gordon Beckham

Tonight on The Baseball Show, co-host Clint Evans of Diamond Hoggers and I have a relatively short show. As always, we bring the solid and hardcore baseball talk for your enjoyment.

Topics of discussion:
Jayson Werth‘s new contract
-Thoughts on Cliff Lee
-My thoughts on the White Sox offering Gordon Beckham for Adrian Gonzalez
-Reaction to the Prince Fielder rumors
-Who is the safest man in baseball (in terms of being traded)?
-Have we seen the last of Garry Sheffield and Manny Ramirez?