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Was Cliff Lee All That Bad?

Naturally when I went to school this morning, the members of the Dallas faithful I share the lecture hall and lab with were a little quiet and obviously disappointed.  They know I spent a little time between the lines and in the dugout and that I write for this site, and so they come to me with their baseball-related queries.  I must have answered, “What the hell happened to Cliff last night, dude,” around 15 times.  My responses always started with something along the lines of, “Dude, he wasn’t all that bad.”  How could a start in which Cliff Lee, probably the premier pitcher in the game today, gives up six earned and retires only 14 batters not be regarded as disastrous?


Facepalm: A Rant Against Baseball’s Worst Announcer

(For those that don’t know, the term “facepalm” is used when someone says something so stupid, so dumb, that your only response is to cover your face with your hand. Because knowledge is power!)

I’m not a violent person. When I get frustrated, I don’t get into fights or start kicking puppies. I deal with my anger constructively: I grab a pint of Chunky Munky and watch a So You Think You Can Dance? marathon. But everyone has their limits, their threshold, their boiling point. I’ve found mine. Which is why, should I ever come without striking distance of Fox Sports announcer Tim McCarver, I don’t think I could stop myself from punching him in the throat. Sure, there would be criminal charges, but at least that fool would stop talking.


Rookie Card Corner: Pat Burrell 1999 Bowman Chrome

The Golden Sombrero presents Rookie Card Corner: Pat Burrell 1999 Bowman Chrome

Fun Fact: One of the greatest hitters in NCAA history, Burrell ended his three-year career at Miami with a .442 batting average (7th in NCAA history), an .888 slugging percentage (2nd in NCAA history) and a school-record 61 home runs.

Bonus Fact: In an interview with Penthouse in 2001, Burrell revealed that he doesn’t wear underwear.

MLB Look-alikes World Series Edition: Josh Hamilton and Cole Hauser

The Golden Sombrero presents MLB Look-alikes World Series Edition: Josh Hamilton and Cole Hauser

Cliff Lee vs. San Francisco Giants: Career Stats and More…

We all know that Cliff Lee has the ability to go out and absolutely shut down even the most powerful of offenses in any given start. Lee, who enters Game 1 of the World Series with a career postseason record of 7-0 and a 1.26 ERA, is having one of the greatest postseasons of all-time. Tonight he will face the San Francisco Giants for the first this time in 2010, and it is important to note Lee’s career numbers against the National League Champions: