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Bryce Harper Makes Nationals Park Look Like South Williamsport

On Thursday evening, the Washington Nationals held a press conference to show off introduce their 1st overall draft pick of 2010, Bryce Harper.  Nearly a week and half ago, the Nationals and Harper came to terms on a 5-year, $9.9 million contract- not a bad payday for a 17 year-old.  At the press conference, the young Harper donned a Washington Nationals cap and jersey for the first time, choosing #34 as a unique homage to his favorite baseball player, Mickey Mantle.  Why 34 you ask?  3+4=7.

Absent from the press conference was the 4lbs. of eye black on Harper’s face, however in it’s place was 6lbs. of hair gel used to sculpt a stylish mohawk.  It was a crime that they forced him to put on a Nationals’ cap over such a finely crafted ‘do, however I can sympathize with the general fear of being impaled by those stalagmites on Harper’s head.

When asked about the mohawk Harper chuckled before stating, ”My sister is a beautician, so she tries different things on me. The ladies like it.”

It is only a matter of time until Bryce learns that while the chicks may like his mohawk, they dig the long ball even more.


The Case of Roger Clemens vs. the Little League World Series

This time of year most kids are trudging back to school, reluctantly returning to once again counting down the days until vacation. Baseball season is long over and the biggest drama they’re facing is upcoming homework, projects and book reports. But one lucky group of kids gets to hold onto summer holiday a bit longer than the rest. Those kids have dedicated the summer, and probably much of their young lives, to the dream of playing baseball on the biggest stage. Each won their respective city, state, and regional qualifying tournaments and earned the right to represent their hometown in the Little League World Series.

Wide eyed and full of ambition, every last week of August youngsters from around the globe descend upon South Williamsport, Pennsylvania for the only youth sporting spectacle that still captures the imagination of grown men. At that age every kid with a hat and glove thinks he can make it to the big leagues and they play with that spirit every pitch. We know the action we’re watching might not be Major League-sized, but the heart and excitement sure is.

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Ryan Howard Loses His Cool, Ability to Make Contact

In Tuesday’s 16 inning contest between the Philadelphia Phillies and Houston Astros, Ryan Howard joined an elite club that I’m sure he would prefer not be a part of.  Howard managed to go 0-7 with 5 strikeouts- The Platinum Sombrero– before he was ejected for passionately disagreeing with 3rd base umpire Scott Barry over the check swing that ultimately notched his 5th strikeout, in the bottom of the 14th.

As if Howard’s Tuesday night performance wasn’t concerning in itself, in his last two games he is 0-11, with 8 strikeouts.  If anything, perhaps this explains why Howard had such a short fuse by his final at-bat; he knew that he was in the midst of an epic, strikeout streak and probably assumed Barry was out to get him.  Let’s look at each of Howard’s 7 at-bats from Tuesday to better understand how he became the latest to wear the Platinum Sombrero.


A Long Goodbye to Baseball

Late last Wednesday night the Farmington Caridinals lost 4-0 to the Arizona Firebirds at Ricketts Park, thus ending their run in the Connie Mack World Series. The game was very even, very clean, and seemingly very quick. The following day I was on my way back to Dallas, where I had second-year orientation Friday morning. The following week was completely full with labs, lectures, and paper discussions, and it seemed like I had never really left the Baylor basement. As a dental student at Baylor, the only summer vacation that students get is the one between first and second years. Subsequent summers will be spent in clinic with patients, far from a baseball field and even farther from a team. The last two years of my life have very heavily involved coaching baseball back home in Farmington, both school ball and club ball, and the 18 or so years before that were spent playing. To the best of my knowledge, I am going to be away from the game now for the next three years at least. There are a lot of hopeful emotions and contemplation that I’m sure will take place between now and the next time I get to be a part of a team, but there will be an even greater amount of longing and frustration. The game has been very good to me, and I have spent a great deal of my life trying to be good to it as well. Aside from my family and very close friends, baseball has been the most important thing in my life since I can really remember, and it is difficult to accept that for at least a few years, it will take a backseat to my career in another field.


White Sox Thornton to DL, Chris Sale to close?

As if the Chicago White Sox weren’t already having issues with their bullpen, there are rumors that All-Star reliever Matt Thornton may be headed to DL with discomfort in his left forearm.  Thornton, who hasn’t pitched since last Tuesday in Minnesota, had recently been called upon, along with right-handed set-up man J.J. Putz, to close games for the struggling White Sox.  The White Sox regular closer Bobby Jenks is still not considered to be 100% after the recurring back spasms that nearly landed him on the DL earlier this month.  As a result of Jenks’ lingering back issues and overall inability to record crucial outs(4.50 ERA, 0.1 WAR), manager Ozzie Guillen has been painstakingly exploring the teams’ other options at closer.  Perhaps it is time that Guillen, Kenny Williams and the rest of the White Sox organization consider a more radical option, 2010 1st round draft pick, Chris Sale.