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10 Relief Pitchers Who Will Immediately Help Your Fantasy Team

I just wanted to pass along the first article that I wrote for Bleacher Report called, “10 Relief Pitchers Who Will Immediately Help Your Fantasy Team.” I will continue to post any articles that I write for them and I hope that everybody enjoys them.

“10 Relief Pitchers Who Will Immediately Help Your Fantasy Team”

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

In his post on the College World Series last weekend, Dee mentioned Brett’s recent article, “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems,” that focuses on TCU’s ace, Matt Purke.  This was Brett’s first article for youbeenblinded.com and we will continue to post links to all of his new articles.

“Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems”

The Best Baseball Commercials, Part 1: ESPN and More

Other than seeing someone get kicked in the ballsack, there is nothing more hilarious than a quality baseball commercial. There is just something about seeing a professional baseball player reduced to the goofy child that he really is that makes me respect them in a unique way.  As a youngster growing up in the ‘90s, I was privileged to witness the rise of ESPN, their programming and the hilarious commercials that they produced to stay ahead of their competitors. Specifically, it was the commercials that they used for Wednesday and Sunday Night Baseball, as well as the occasional Baseball Tonight clip, that remain a centerpiece in my baseball recall.


Dom DiMaggio: Baseball’s Biggest Little Brother

“Who hits the ball and makes it go? Dominic DiMaggio./ Who runs the bases fast, not slow? Dominic DiMaggio./ Who’s better than his brother Joe? Dominic DiMaggio./ But when it comes to gettin’ dough, they give it all to brother Joe.”

Growing up, my older brother Griff was always the baseball player of the family.  He was a badass while I pretty much sucked.  Luckily, I realized this from a young age and chose to pursue other interests.  And even if my parents had high hopes naming me after the great George Brett, they obviously recognized the vast talent discrepancy between us and never pressured me to play, either.  Things worked out alright, I found plenty of activities, sports and otherwise, to excel at in my own right and never had to live in the enormous shadow my brother cast across Farmington baseball. Never jealous of his talents or recognition, I’ve always had nothing but respect and admiration for what Griff did on diamond; I even found my own niche in the baseball community as a respected umpire.  The point is I know how it feels to be in the stands cheering for your older brother, listening to everyone talk about how great he is.


Welcome to Summer: The College World Series begins

After watching the USA claw back into a draw with some tiny Eastern European country this morning, I’m feeling a little proud to be an American.  With the College World Series set to begin tomorrow and Ron Ron’s single apparently dropping sometime in the near future, it’s a pretty fun time in sports.  The best part about this time of year for me, though, is that the sports world only has baseball to follow (and US soccer every 4 years) until the damn NFL season starts.  I personally hate football and don’t really care for basketball either.  Hockey is not a sport in New Mexico, but from what I gather, other places unfortunately seem to care about it.  To me, these other sports are simply a massive distraction to the public and divert conversation and concentration away from the one game that actually deserves to be followed.  What I am getting at here is that for folks who primarily/only care about baseball, get ready for the best 2 months of the year.