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The Baseball Show: Chipper Jones Will Retire

Last night was episode 51 of The Baseball Show. If you haven’t listened to the show yet, what’s wrong with you? We’re working on some good guests this season. Plus we have some very entertaining segments coming within the next couple weeks. Clint Evans of Diamond Hoggers, M.J. Lloyd of Halo Hangout and I actually talked some baseball last night:

-I talked about my new gig as lead prospect blogger for Bleacher Report.
-Prospects and players impressing during the spring and MJ’s new crush on Eric Hosmer.
-Chipper Jones will retire after this season and where he ranks in fWAR.
-Players retiring early vs. players playing until they’re completely out of gas
-Dusty Baker is on the hot seat
-Arte Moreno’s GQ interview. And MJ’s take.

Check it out, get used to us. Next week we’re going to do an over/under episode with plenty of absurd categories mixed in. Listen below or find us on iTunes and then let me know how you found us. We are on there, somewhere.

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