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MJ makes Baseball ProGUESTus debut: The Advantage of Low Expectations

My good friend MJ Lloyd of OffBasePercentage.com and HaloHangout.com made his highly anticipated Baseball Prospectus debut this morning.  Featured as a columnist in the prestigious Baseball ProGUESTus series, MJ’s article, “The Advantage of Low Expectations,” blends commentary on some of the more famous prospect flops of the past two decades with his usual array of utter nonsense.  If that doesn’t sound like a great read, then you are forever banished from this site.

Here is a excerpt:

Prospects are like new car smell. They’re exciting and intoxicating. They make it seem like your favorite team is about to turn the corner.

With prospect analysis and news having penetrated every corner of the Internet, it’s hard not to get carried away with prospect love. I can’t imagine how many tweets Kevin Goldstein and Keith Law have to see every day asking if Team X’s third- and fifth-best prospects would be enough to score Felix Hernandez.

It’s prospect-mania out there. I’m guilty of it. I sponsor Brandon Wood’s Baseball-Reference page, and I’m no longer hopeful that it will fund my retirement plan.

But I have managed to identify a few of the pitfalls of prospect worship.

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