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Breakups, Broken Hearts, and Baseball Contracts


Let me start by saying one thing: Watching the face of the 11 year old that wrote the following piece as he found out Albert Pujols stuck it to the Cardinals signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim was the saddest. Thing. Ever.  The mix of emotions that ran across his face ranged from shock to pure contempt.  After he read the news, he simply walked to his desk, head hung low, put his head down and pulled his hood over his head.  He never spoke a single word.

I instantly understood where he was coming from.  Even though I am more than double his age, I too suffered devastation this off season when I found out that the Astros were leaving the National League.  I can only imagine the feeling inside of the young boy’s chest was the same as mine- an explosion of the heart muscle.

The following was written by Brendan “Bubba” Anderson.  He is an 11 year old, die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan.  Through the school year we have forged a bond through the highest baseball has to offer- His Cards and their World Series victory- as well as the lowest- My Astros and their franchise worst 106 losses.  After watching him struggle with coming to terms with what Albert did, I encouraged him to put his thoughts to paper.  These are his words.  And before you try to shrug this off as, “just a little kid who doesn’t understand baseball” I think you need to remember why it is you love baseball.



By: Brendan “Bubba” Anderson

A couple days ago some baseball franchises were trying to get Albert Pujols. Those teams were the Miami Marlins, Chicago Cubs, and St. Louis Cardinals.  The two teams that were most interested in Albert Pujols were the Marlins and Cardinals. Miami’s offer was $220 million over 10 years. St. Louis’s offer was over that offer and the Miami Marlins were already leaving the Pujols negotiating table.  From that point on it looked like the St. Louis Cardinals had Albert Pujols back. But…then the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim came in on the bidding and offered him $250 million over 10 years.  And a day after that offer came out, Albert Pujols went and signed with the Angels on Thursday morning.

Considering that I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan, it wasn’t a good day. I have always been a St. Louis Cardinals fan and I’ll always be a St. Louis Cardinals fan. But I’ll always be a Albert Pujols fan, too. Though I thought that he was going to stay with the Cardinals I guess I was wrong. I also thought he wasn’t in it for the money; guess I was wrong about that, too. I guess there’s nobody in baseball that isn’t in it for the money. I thought Albert Pujols was different.  I thought he was in it to play baseball, not to get paid. I thought baseball was supposed to be a sport- not a job. I thought baseball was for fun, and not about worrying to get paid 25 million a year. I believe that Albert Pujols will do well as an Angel; I just really wish he was still a Cardinal.

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