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Golden Sombrero: Bobby Abreu

Top 1: Bobby Abreu struck out swinging against Dustin McGowan

Top 3: struck out swinging against McGowan

Top 6: called out on strikes against Jesse Litsch

Top 7: called out on strikes against Luis Perez

Top 8: flew out to center against Carlos Villanueva

Final Line: 0-for-5, 4 K

Notes: Abreu notched his first golden sombrero of the season on Wednesday against the Blue Jays.  A week away from completing the worst season of his career, this will be the first time Abreu has finished with less than 150 games played (136), double-digit home runs (7), sub-.400 slugging (.360), sub-1.0 fWAR (0.2), and sub-.142 ISO since bursting onto the scene with the Phillies in 1998.

Total 2011 Sombreros: 120

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