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Golden Sombrero: B.J. Upton

Classic BUpton: walk-off HR on Tuesday, golden sombrero and an ejection on Wednesday

Bottom 2: B.J. Upton struck out swinging against Brandon Morrow

Bottom 4: Upton called out on strikes against Morrow

Bottom 6: Upton called out on strikes against Morrow

Bottom 9: Upton called out on strikes against Frank Francisco

Final Line: 0-4, 4K (three looking)

Notes: When will this guy finally put it together? His golden sombrero on Wednesday lowered his season average to .238 and his home average to .197.  After being called out on strikes in the 9th, Upton lost his cool, slamming his bat and helmet and possibly making contact with the umpire.

Total 2011 Sombreros: 17

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  1. BBfan says:

    I am not saying B.J. could have not handled it better but the last 2 strike 3 call on BJ were terrable. Umpires have been complaining about players “showing them up” and somehow a batter thinking a pitch is ball 4 and starting toward first base befor the call, has become a hugely offensive to home plate umpires. They somehow think they are the reason people go to games and watch on TV.

    In BJ case he made a comment to the home plate umpire after a strike 3 call, I think it was his second K of the night. Apparently the home plate ump took such offensice that he decided to show BJ what a bad call really looks like. Fox track showed strike 3 in the third K to be about 2-3 ball widths outoutside. BJ complained again so on his final at bat the ump really needed to show BJ who the boss was. 4 pitches, only 1 in the fox track srtike zone. A ball off the plate inside a strike and another 2-3 balls off the plate outside called strike three.

    I am a Rays fan but not a big BJ fan but I do understand why he was upset. Apparently the ump decided he needed to take BJ’s final 2 at bats into his hands to make it clear that he will not put up with a player questioning his calls. BJ could have very well struck out on his own those last 2 trips to the plate but the ump needed to make sure. MLB should review the calls before deciding if BJ deserves additional sanctions.