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Marlins Announcers: “We Traded…Dan Uggla!” (Video)

Ok, so they didn’t actually say that, but you have to imagine that the Florida Marlins’ announcing tandem of Rich Waltz and Tommy Hutton were instantly devastated upon learning that the organization had traded Dan Uggla.  No longer will they be able to deliver their patented home run call, “His name is Dan Uggla!”

Soon, Marlins fans will have the joy of hearing, “His name is Omar Infante!” Granted, it will only be, roughly, eight to nine times per year, and for the sole purpose of informing the fan base that they have a new player.

Although I completely understand why the Marlins decided to trade their All-Star second baseman – I’d be rather perturbed too if my best power hitter declined $12 million a year — I will never comprehend how they could part ways with this:

The only guys unimpressed with Uggla’s work out routine are Bret Boone and Marcus Giles.

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