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Memories of Kyle Farnsworth (Video)

As Kyle Farnsworth trotted towards the mound to replace an injured Billy Wagner in the bottom of the 10th, it appeared that the Braves were conceding the game, as well as the series.  I’ve followed the guy since his earliest days on the Cubs; I even waited in line for his autograph at the Cubs Convention when I was 12.  I know what you’re wondering, yes I still have it…right next to my autographed Corey Patterson min-bat.  No, really. I’m serious.

It was also at that same Cubs Convention that I witnessed Kyle Farnsworth at his finest, absolutely hammered, dancing on stage with some teammates — who didn’t appear all that drunk — and being carried back to his hotel room by two security guards.  Since then, I have been unable to take Farnsworth seriously, at all.  Let’s be real, the glasses, tattoos and jewelry don’t really help his case either.

Some tweets from the baseball blogging community as Farnsworth took the mound:

Joe Sheehan(@Joe_Sheehan):

“The problem with trading for Kyle Farnsworth is that you eventually might have to use Kyle Farnsworth.”

“Well Farnsworth is in now… may have just increased those walkoff HR odds by a substantial amount…”

State Street Sports(@StateStSports):

“@AnswerDave  Ah Farnsworth, about as effective as reading Stephen King novels to your children before bed”

Damon Bruce(@DamonBruce):

“Farnsworth is a former Cub, trust me Giants fans, this ends well.”

Keith Olbermann(@KeithOlbermann):

“Wow, just what I’d want to have to do: replace Billy Wagner with Kyle Farnsworth.”

Steven Goldman(@Pb_Steve):

“The greater the leverage, the worse the Farnsworth. About the last pitcher I’d want to see in postseason short of Eddie Cicotte.”

Mike Axisa(@MikeAxisa):

“Fucking Farnsworth. #tweetsfrom2006through2008 #preemptivetweet”

However, for Kyle Farnsworth lacks in style he more than makes up for in formal tackling ability:

[hdplay id=27 ]

*If the video does not work, try this link instead.

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