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Golden Sombrero: Brian McCann

Bottom 1: Brian McCann struck out swinging against Nate Eovaldi

Bottom 4: walked against Eovaldi

Bottom 6: struck out swinging against Eovaldi

Bottom 8: struck out swinging against Kenley Jansen

Bottom 10: struck out swinging against Javy Guerra

Final Line: 0-for-4, BB, 4 K

Notes: The Braves’ All-Star catcher recorded his first golden sombrero of the 2011 season on Saturday against the Dodgers.  A slew of Dodger pitchers held the Braves offense in check, as they were able to push across one run on seven hits in the 10-inning loss. Despite missing time due to a strained oblique, McCann still has dropped 23 bombs this season, and should surpass his career high of 24 with ease.

Total 2011 Sombreros: 105




Golden Sombrero: Jim Thome (again)

Top 1: Jim Thome struck out swinging against Luke Hochevar

Top 4: called out on strikes against Hochevar

Top 6: called out on strikes against Hochevar

Top 9: struck out swinging against Greg Holland

Final Line: 0-for-4, 4 K

Notes: With his golden sombrero on Saturday, Thome became the second player this season to accomplish the feat for two different teams – Kelly Johnson is the other.  A recent addition to the 600 Home Run Club, I can only imagine how many times Thome has worn a sombrero in his career. It looks like it might be time to subscribe to’s Play Index…

Total 2011 Sombreros: 104

Golden Sombrero: Lance Berkman

Top 1: Lance Berkman struck out swinging against Yovani Gallardo

Top 3: called out on strikes against Gallardo

Top 5: struck out swinging against Cameron Loe

Top 7: struck out swinging against Loe

Final Line: 0-for-4, 4 K

Notes: Tough game for the Big Puma.  Hitting fifth for the Cardinals last Thursday, he basically had to follow a home run in three of his four at-bats.  In both the first and third inning, Pujols homered two spots ahead of Berkman, while clean-up hitter Matt Holliday dropped a two-run bomb in the fifth.  The Big Puma’s sombrero marked an 0-for-14 skid which he snapped in his first at-bat on Friday.

Total 2011 Sombreros: 103

Golden Sombrero: Lou Marson (again)

Bottom 2: Lou Marson called out on strikes against Rich Harden

Bottom 5: grounded out to shortstop against Harden

Bottom 7: singled to center against Craig Breslow

Bottom 9: called out on strikes against Fautino De Los Santos

Bottom 12: struck out swinging against Neil Wagner

Bottom 15: called out on strikes against Josh Outman

Final Line: 1-for-6, 4 K

Notes: Marson notched his second golden sombrero of the year on Wednesday night, as the Tribe outlasted the A’s to pick up a 4-3 win in 16-innings.  Unlike the light-hitting catcher’s first sombrero, Marson actually managed to sneak in a hit.  Beneath his 218/.296/.299 slash line (198 plate appearances) is the fact that he hits a ground ball 54.3% of the time.  And the last time I checked, catchers don’t collect many infield hits.  However, Marson does have a 86.8 Z-Contact% (contact made on pitches within the strikezone).  Therefore, his problem doesn’t stem from poor plate discipline or tentativeness.  Rather, he just struggles to drive the ball.  I guess that it’s a good thing he’s throwing out runners at a 41% clip.

Total 2011 Sombreros: 102

Golden Sombrero: Danny Espinosa

Top 1: Danny Espinosa hit RBI single to center against Johnny Cueto

Top 3: Espinosa struck out swinging against Cueto

Top 5: Espinosa called out on strikes against Cueto

Top 8: Espinosa drew a walk against Aroldis Chapman

Top 9: Espinosa struck out swinging against Nick Masset

Top 11: Espinosa struck out on a foul tip against Jose Arrendondo

Top 13: Espinosa grounded out to first against Arrendondo

Final Line: 1-for-6, RBI, BB, 4 K

Notes: In a game that lasted 14-innings and featured 34 total strikeouts, Espinosa was miraculously the only player to register a sombrero.  Despite the low batting average (.230) and frequent strikeouts (24% K%), the Nats’ rookie has turned in a solid rookie campaign—18 home runs, 13 stolen bases, 59 RBI and 2.9 fWAR—and could receive some third, fourth and fifth place votes for Rookie of the Year.

Total 2011 Sombreros: 101